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  1. They need a more basebally number font. The 2 looks more like someting you'd see on a hockey jersey rather than baseball.
  2. Never realized the Cubs wear black belts. That's dumb.
  3. Disagree. If you're "into" cars at all, you should have come across Lotuseses at some point. I'm completely not into cars now, but when I was a kid in late 80s/early 90s, I used to get exotic car mags and I had posters of the Lambo Countach, Ferrari Testarossa, and Lotus Esprit in my room.
  4. It would take the end of revenue sharing.
  5. Disagree. In most cases I’m against extra outlines but having the brown one really works well. Not sure if the gray one would be necessary on anything other than a brown background, but it doesn’t bother me. That’s a strong logo, even if it binds them to that stripe pattern for the foreseeable future.
  6. That's how I remember it as well. As a kid, I used to stare at baseball cards trying to find the difference since I think they were the only team that didn't have gray uniform pants (other than the Cubs for a bit, since they wore white pants with blue top for a few years during that era.) IIRC most of the photos for Astros players were taken either during ST or on the road - presumably because of lighting in the dome... not sure - but here's one that appears to be taken in Houston:
  7. The football is the worst part of the helmet (other than the color clash with the uniform.) I get that it's a nod to the Namath and Testeverde/Sanchez era (lol), but it's dumb, redundant, creates a weird arc for the wordmark to follow, clashes with the angles used elsewhere in the uniform, and is redundant and dumb.
  8. I totally get why it's no longer feasible to be a "black" or "white"-shoed team, but if black isn't a team color, it should only be allowed if the team does mandate that everyone wear black, otherwise it's no different than an Eagle wearing red.
  9. I didn't bother to click into the nonsense. What makes them "battle ready"? Or at least any more "battle ready" than what they usually wear? Are they made of chainmail? Kevlar? Why wouldn't other teams want uniforms that are "battle ready" so that they're not at a disadvantage?
  10. Could be, but if I told you this crop was a Giant's or Ram's lineman, would you question it?
  11. if you look at a crop of a Vikings jersey from almost any of the pics posted above, you'd think it was plain blue and not purple. The pants stripe and helmet look purple (or lavendarish) but the jersey seems to be just blue.
  12. While the helmet looks great on a shelf of retail store, I don't think it goes well with the uniform. If they're not going to go with shiny fabrics that look different under different lighting, then they should have gone with a lighter matte or satin finish that would be more consistent with the green used elsewhere in the set.
  13. The point stands, but "before the age of" stats can be misleading, since many players didn't have the opportunity to play in the NBA before their 21st or 22nd birthday. Patrick Ewing, who was so desired that the league rigged the lottery to get him to NY, was 23.
  14. I think it might be neat if every team dedicated one game every year to play in some town in their "home market" that's outside of commuting range to the stadium. While it might not make sense for a lot of east-coast teams since like in the Phillies example, I don't think there's anywhere in their 'market' that's more than a 3-hr drive to Phila, but for the midwest and southern teams that have huge (but sparse) territories, it'd be nice to throw some of those fans a bone on a rotating basis every year. Not too dissimilar to how the Packers used to play in Milwaukee, but for different reasons. Example - the Twins market (at least from a blackout perspective) extends past the Dakotas. Maybe, now that the precedent is set for playing in sub-standard facilities in sub-sized areas, play a game in North Dakota (the players would probably need to take classes about how great god is though) one year, then South Dakota the next, or have the Mariners play a game in Montana or somewhere in BC (maybe Vancouver, maybe... well, that's all I know about BC.) It's dumb for the same reasons I listed above about the Field of Dreams scam, but if they're going to do stuff like that, the little league game, the civil rights game, then at least this plan could be justified as solidifying their markets.
  15. This is absurd. 1) it's a temporary stadium?? Seems incredibly wasteful and inauthentic. 2) I assume they're charging MLB prices, so people would spend a lot of money to watch a game in a sub-standard environment (let alone Iowa factor.) 2.a) while it's only one game, the players will also have to adjust to playing in a stadium constructed out of legos and rubber bands, as opposed to the palaces they're accustomed to that have all the modern training amenities. 3) 8K max? That sucks for the other people that would normally have wanted to go see the Yankees play in Chicago, but now can't. I don't know if that Yankees are a regular road sellout when they play familiar AL teams on the road like they are in many NL markets, but it still robs fans of an opportunity. 4) Gimmicky stuff like this should be saved for pre season or exhibitions that don't mean anything. I assume MLB is getting a nice check for this, probably to promote a re-release of the film or something, so good for them. Doesn't mean it's not dumb.
  16. The Eagles Built a Special Room at the Linc for Fans with Autism and Sensory Challenges: "Today the franchise revealed a state of the art “Sensory Room” that’s been built at Lincoln Financial Field, described as a “full-time, 100% dedicated suite for fans and families managing sensory challenges.”" “The sensory room at Lincoln Financial Field will provide guests with autism and other sensory challenges a safe and comfortable space to meet their needs,”
  17. Disagree a million %. I think of the Atlanta Falcons as fast, sleek, aggressive birds of prey - not an uber-traditional grind-it-out hard-nosed old-school team. Those uniforms would be out of place for them for several reasons. They'd also look odd considering they play in a stadium that looks like it's from another planet and has all the bells and whistles and is designed to convey a forward-moving (can't think of the right phrase) brand. I get that people don't like the current uniform. I'm not among them, but I get it. But throwing back to something that looks like the Browns should be wearing it (in their colors, obv) isn't the answer. Like most things, it's in the middle. Also, those sleeve stripes would look silly on today's cuts, and the gold helmet stripe LOL.
  18. Id rather a pitcher not pull a hammy, or get hit on his hand or otherwise do anything that prevents him from pitching. There’s nothing worse than when you have lousy pitchers getting shelled because good ones are on the DL. I know that hitting-related injuries are rare, but it’s not worth it. Pitchers might get a couple of ABs per week - there’s no reason for them to practice hitting much, when their whole thing is pitching, which is (as mentioned) a skill nobody else on the team requires. Ive done a 180 and am pro DH. I don’t want my pitcher having to come out of a game he’s dominating just because it’s 1-0 and we need to pinch hit and hope for an RBI. Pitchers are NOT like everyone else, and it’s kinda dangerous to put them in against guys throwing 100MPH when I’m some cases they haven’t had an AB in a game since high school.
  19. I don't think switching to a white helmet would be a bad thing from a purely aesthetic standpoint, however there's way too much equity built up in the orange helmet/logo and it'd be unwise to blow that all up. If there was to be a change to the shell, maybe going to the single white stripe would work, or working gray into it instead of the white (and going back to the gray mask... and maybe adding gray pants.)
  20. The only “pedia” I need is the Sports e-cyclopedia, thank you very much.
  21. If I’m someone from Podunk Iowa that saves up to make my once in a lifetime trip to Yankee Stadium and they’re wearing blue jerseys with a cursive Yankees script and wacky-ass hats, I’m pissed off, because that’s simply not the Yankees brand. I felt that way (not quite as much as I would if it was the NYY) when I made my first trip to Wrigley... but I had several more in my future. Im sick and tired of morons that begrudge the Yankees for holding true to their brand (even if they’ve caved in recent years). I wish the Phillies had resisted their short-lived red jerseys, all the Thursday light blue throwback alt. For them, without the same brand as the Yankees, I’m fine with an occasional throwback weekend, but no need for all the alts.
  22. ... and another thing... now that base coaches wear helmets, it can be easy to momentarily mix the 3rd base coach up with the runner, especially since they’re allowed to run home practically to the plate. F Rob Manfred for allowing this absurd practice to continue.