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  1. Pro sports is about making money, not winning games (though one usually leads to the other). A big part of making money is having fans and selling gear. I don't give a F how fast he can run or how well he can catch, I don't think I can cheer for him ever again, and I hope the team doesn't put me in position to have to "not cheer" for a touchdown. I think it's lousy that parents have to explain to their kids why they shouldn't wear that jersey anymore (unless of course the parents also hate jews and want to pass that on to their kid.) I hope the Eagles decide that they can't have a dude like that wearing their logo and representing the team. They've been very lucky so far as far as not having guys that have done heinous things, but now they're being tested. If they fail this one, and then double-down by bringing back Lesean McCoy (which has been rumored), I might need to take a year off from being a fan. Screw him. It's unfortunate that being fast usually gets you out of trouble like this, but his on-field skills shouldn't have anything to do with him being allowed back on the team. I'm not naive enough to expect them to do the right thing.
  2. Oh man. “Jackson also shared several posts casting a dubious eye toward a potential coronavirus vaccine. In one, Jackson referred to philanthropist Melinda Gates, the wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, as a “dumb broad” after she advocated for Black people and Native Americans to be among the first to obtain any vaccine due to their increased risk factors to the virus.”
  3. A close call was the Phillies, who considered changing to Blue Jays in the early 40s, and even put Blue Jay logos on their uniforms to test it out, but decided not to change (their jerseys still said Phillies for the few years they tried this.)
  4. It's really beyond dumb. People are comparing this to the Riley Cooper incident, but I think this is much worse. When Riley Cooper went on his rant where he challenged "every N-word to a fight", it exposed a very troubling part of his character (not only racism, but also possibly alcoholism and rage issues), but it wasn't like he sat there and consciously planned to make that statement. He exposed himself as a hate filled coward, and frankly would have (and should have) been cut had Michael Vick not stood up for him (which put Vick at odds with a lot of guys, but he was a strong enough leader to make it all work.) Deshawn doubled down on it by shifting from praising Hitler to Farrakhan. It was a conscious decision to share his feelings with the world, so it's not only the character - which, let's be honest, we're finding that a lot of American's lack - but it's so much more than that too. Something I just thought of - in Jackson's tiny mind, does Lurie and Roseman validate his feelings by cutting him? Or does keeping him and trying to educate him possibly make the bigger statement? I kinda hope a 500lb anvil falls on his head so that there's one less person like him in our country (and the Eagles are off the hook.)
  5. Oh boy. Not sure if it shows in that link, but he also mentioned that “Hitler was right.” How he can say he’s being misinterpreted is beyond me. At least he’s not saying he was hacked. I know that lots of people hold hateful feelings inside, but deciding - ever, but especially now - that it’s a good idea to make them public just shows judgement that is indefensible. He needs to make a statement, but I’m not sure he can talk his way out of this one. It’s a shame because I used to like him and thought Chip Kelly was Wrong (and, frankly, a racist) for cutting him, but I think the Eagles need to release him, and the NFL should cancel him. No fan base should be put in position to cheer for someone with those views.
  6. We'll see. Some guys have a lot of trouble once they feel the pressure of living up to a monster contract. We'll see what he's made of. Doesn't help him that he has to overcome a lousy coach year after year. IT worked out this year, but we'll see what the future brings. It's also very likely that he'll have a new coach in a couple of years, so that could have an impact too.
  7. By definition, a "guarantee mechanism" isn't a guarantee.
  8. This board should be the place to discuss the team colors, nickname, uniform design, etc - and nothing more. The political threads were the worst thing about the forums. I don’t want to post about how much I love their new shade of burgundy, just to have to go through 3 pages of “PC police!” and “ignorant redneck!” just to follow up on it. There’s members here that I legit don’t like or respect because their views on certain topics have been exposed, and there was no need for it had we just been talking about uniforms. I think it’s possible as Long as the rules for the thread are spelled out in big boldface type. We’re talking about potential new names, what their new logo may be, if they’re playing in the current unis but with plain helmets, etc, and anything that references politics or debate around the name is instantly removed and the person reprimanded. my only fear with that is that I can see a lot of “innocent” people being suspended for posts that they didn’t mean to be political in nature but were maybe interpreted as such, and the current system doesn’t allow for an explanation - it’s just straight to “suspended for belligerence towards the moderation team”.
  9. This is an unprecedented situation, considering we're (not) talking about the real possibility that a team might do an entire rebrand (a real rebrand) less than two months before the season starts. Just the logistics involved alone might be worth discussing. Also considering there's articles everywhere about how the coach is saying that he's involved and that they're down to two choices (or maybe just that there's two that he likes), it's getting real close to when a thread is needed. Eventually, closing threads and responding to questions about starting threads might become more work than just policing one. Totally understand and the reasons behind disallowing the discussion and support that decision, but it may be time to rip off the band-aid and just hope not too much blood leaks out.
  10. Football players care a lot about the condition of the turf - and not just because of concussions. Ask Wendell Davis if he "just wants to have a field to play on". Maybe ask Michael Irvin too, once he's done getting covid from blowing lines off a non-masked prostitute's breasts. Ask anyone involved in the Mexico game if players just want a field. Ask anyone who got their foot caught in a seam - and not just that one game when Baltimore got the game at the Vet cancelled. EDIT: can't embed but just go to 9:13.
  11. Actually, I never thought about it but you're right - the back would look a little better with white outline around the numbers. I don't think it matters that the front doesn't have them. I like the Dodgers script without outline on the front, and outlined numbers on the back. No Los Angeles script, no outlines on the NOB. One thing is for sure - whoever thought that blue buttons was a good idea should have his or her life terminated in a very uncomfortable way.
  12. If we're talking about black people murdered by police, it's a lot of families to run by. But not only that - in some of those cases, the officers were acquitted, even though any sane person knows that they beat and/or killed the person because they're little-dick racists. Using the name of the victim in that case could possibly cause a libel suit from the officer who was acquitted, since the implication is that the victim was... well, a victim. Which he or she obviously was, but legally wasn't. I"m no lawyer, so maybe that's not a valid scenario, but it's probably not even worth taking that chance, even though it would certainly make a statement. Another thing is that while the victims were murdered in what are essentially hate crimes, it's still an odd take to put the names of people that had been arrested up to 30 times (in one case) on a jersey, or in other cases, names of people who may have murdered others themselves. It's a fine line between protesting institutional racism while also recognising that while none of the victims deserve to die, not every single one necessarily deserves to be honored with angel wings either.
  13. there’s lots of legal issues with it.
  14. So if you don't change it up and just go with your last name, does that mean you're racist and support institutional racism? I like the idea but it essentially forces everyone to participate even if they would like to choose other ways to express their support for BLM or might feel like they're in a 'look at me' type situation and would rather not do it.
  15. This debate over the runner on second is really a waste of typing since I really don't think the season will finish - even if it starts. People simply refuse to do what's necessary to control this thing, which means more and more states will be shutting down again. Even Phila, which had been on a down trend, just pushed off things like limited indoor restaurants for another month because people are defiant idiots. There's just no way to safely do this, and I don't blame any player at all that sits out. Might as well make a 2021 thread... though even that season probably won't start on time if there's not enough doses of a vaccine available.
  16. Best Diamondbacks look: Home: Road: (there hasn't been one.)
  17. I have no idea what moviebob is.
  18. Now Texas starting to impose limitations. How the hell were they surprised that things surged? The former confederate states are really screwing this up, and ironically they're the ones most concerned about the return of sports (specifically college). "You need to contain the virus in order to have sports again. The best way to do that is wear a mask." IDK... do you have a right to drive 150 MPH through red lights? Wear a goddam mask. It's really easy to do. I want pro football as much as the next person (and pro wrestling, even though not a sport), but in order to do so, there's things we need to do. I think the leadership (and whatever subset of the population is being defiant) of these states is having the biggest impact to sports during this pandemic. I understand it's not everyone and it's not fair to lump everyone into one category, but the statistics indicate it's more in those places than in other areas.
  19. Every single thing about that uniform looks silly. 1. White hat looks like something to be sold to fans, not worn on a field. For reasons beaten to death, white hats are silly in baseball. Looking from the stands, I don't want to see a bunch of white caps running around, and they get all sweaty and dirty. 2. The helmets didn't match. The literal point of helmets is to be like a hard hat, so it should match. No exceptions. 3. The team name is "Diamondbacks", not "Diamond Backs". It's not an ideal name for a team, just due to its length and relative obscurity (it's perfect for a minor-league team where identities are usually super localized) but splitting one word into two is never the right solution. They nailed it with the A-chest jerseys that they won the WS in. Those were great.
  20. I'll jump in with my two cents on it. If you disagree, please try to use adult words and not resort to calling me an idiot and other names again. These conversations work better when we all at least try to act like grown ups. Side panels rarely line up, and look stupid when they don't. Since they usually don't, they just look stupid. Why do you seem to be personally offended when anyone criticizes these uniforms? Did you design them personally or something? I'm glad you like them. They were obviously designed for people with your tastes. But come on - stop fighting every time someone posts a valid criticim.
  21. So what I was getting at is that if a simple rope pulldown was all that was needed, but some people decided to make nooses, the scene I'm picturing is a bunch of rednecks sitting around thinking it's funny to make a noose... and likely cracking "jokes" about it. There's simply no way - especially down there - that people didn't know what the noose represents. It seems to be clear that it wasn't directed towards Wallace specifically, but nooses in Alabama? LOL, that's not done simply for usability purposes.
  22. It's stupid when helmets don't match hats. To match, they'd need to either have white helmets and then paint stripes onto them, or just wear red caps. The white pinstriped helmets would look way more absurd than the already silly white caps did.
  23. You're telling me that a racetrack with all those garages... and garage doors hasn't figured out a better solution to pull them down than freaking nooses? In however many decades it's been in business, you mean nobody has said "maybe, I say maybe, we I say we should install something to pull these there doors down"? Isn't that like building a house and forgetting all the doorknobs? Serious question - how common is it to know how to tie a noose? I'm not a boy scout or fisherman, and really only know how to tie very basic knots. Is tying a noose something that a lot of people know how to do?
  24. I can't believe a major league team is going to play in that thing. Between the warehouse they play in and the ridiculous uniforms, what the hell else could this team do wrong this offseason?