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Super Bowl 49 (Logo, Field, and Uniforms)


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Nothing too exciting with this post, but I've put together what Super Bowl 49 should now look like. The only thing I've really changed is the logo of the game itself. I've used some concept art as a base but made some alterations. The logo is in the shape of Arizona, I've added purple as an accent color, and if you look closely at the logo, there are stripes representing Arizona's Flag. Hope you enjoy. (Both uniforms courtesy of this very website)J66i7Z2.pngCoCbpQL.png

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It's familiar because it came from logoroy on this site. Here is the thread:


Either logo is better than what they have now though. And just a couple notes on the field, the AFC logo needs an outline, and the Seahawks logo on the sidline should be facing the cameras (flip it). The logo looks good on the uniforms, which again is much better than the real logo.

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I feel like I've seen that logo before...

Yes you probably have seen the similar one I started with. First thing to come up when googling "Super Bowl 49 logo", I've just made some changes.


On the field, I would make one of the endzones silver and leave the other navy. And yes, the AFC logo needs to be outlined and the Seahawks sideline logo needs to be flipped.

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