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  1. Now please get to a Super Bowl. Would love to see a Powder Blue endzone
  2. Yay for the Chargers!!
  3. I like WVU's gray. Their others, meh, not awful. Baylor, hmmmm, ok sure whatever. STATE, lmfao. Those cannot be real.
  4. Capitals crappy unis remind me of the Atlanta Falcons crappy unis.
  5. I would like to see that as well. I think it would be better than black/black.
  6. Dislike the sport of baseball, but love the different colored uni's that some teams sport. All white vs. all gray? Blah. Boring.
  7. The white.....very good. The green.....very ok. The black.....very bad.
  8. The black unis suuuuuck. I think I like the white/white the best.
  9. Like the article said, if they can bring that color back as an Alternate look....cool. Nice, misleading thread title. As a fan of the Eagles for 35 years, I want them to stay with their current unis. If they could lose some black, and bring in some gray/silver....perfect. And their current dull Midnight Green looks soooo much better than when they sported a shiny Midnight Green a couple of years back.
  10. SD looks good in their white today. They are on the road though, at AZ.
  11. Watching Spain vs. Norway. Spain.......you are dressed ugly. That jersey, LOL. Norway.....yawn. Nothing to see here, move along. Sorry. No pics or links can be provided at this time.
  12. ATL looks good. Their play....not so much. Love their painted endzones too.
  13. No they are not. Whatever is going down the side.......sux.
  14. Kansas and Iowa State......you are in the suck too.