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  1. I kinda like the Saints white pants. Its nice to see a change now and then. But yes, black socks should have been worn.
  2. Yeah Florida needs to be in Orange/Blue/Orange for this game. Ole Miss, gorgeous endzones.
  3. Saints/Cowboys looks great. Liked the Chargers/Dolphins matchup too. Giants/Redskins was nice.
  4. Wyoming...looking good. Another team with fantastic endzones.
  5. That GTech uni vs. UVA is downright beautiful.
  6. Especially that GIANT red collar on the black jersey.
  7. I like it too. Interesting look. A nice change. If they go with blue socks then it would look a bit better.
  8. Why does the orange paint in Clemsons endzone wordmark always looked washed out?? Or is it just me?