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I decided to start branding things that I made, and finally make a good looking logo. I've gone through plenty of phases, which I'll post here if asked, but for the most part, I think that this is what I will stick with.


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A couple of thoughts:

  1. It feels off-balanced. Very top/left heavy. Maybe eliminate the left and top of the G so that the 2 letters are 1 and the G is more subliminal? You could even have the dividing line be in the lower left (I'll show an example below of what I mean). The advantage of this would be that you can easily make it 1 color for reproduction if need be. That is one thing to always think about: how does the logo reproduce in black and white? (And I mean black and white without any gray scale.)
  2. The different size of the curves really throws off my eye. The top feels very wide and a larger curve than the bottom, which adds to the off-balanced mentioned in point 1.
  3. This could be because of the program you are using, but the thickness seems to vary quite a bit. The curved lines appear thinner than than vertical/horizontal lines. Not much. I would really strive to either A. make them the exact same thickness or B. make it clearly obvious that they aren't the same thickness. Right now it's so close it has a little bit of awkwardness to it.

Overall I like the direction it is going, I just think it needs some polish to it.

Here is what I meant in point 1:


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I like your original a lot, but I'd suggest skewing it a bit, so it looks italicized.. I think that would help with the unbalanced, top-left heavy feel, while also keeping it sleek and modern.. For B&W reproduction, the "r" could be outlined with transparent fill, while the "G" is solid fill, same color as the outline

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