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  1. Dude, I can't believe I'm just seeing this now. super cool!
  2. Appreciate all the feedback, will get to that later. Here's Luka in the home jerseys:
  3. City Jersey! I had fun with this one. I think someone's eventually got to lead the way with a two-tone jersey/shorts combo. I also like the Star idea that was pitched by @flyersfan and applied it here. If you're not a fan of the crazy, go-for-it look of the jersey, I made a second, much more tame green City jersey here: I also made a city skyline City jersey, but I wasn't a big fan of how I executed it.
  4. Thank you! Hopefully the two-toned look is good for you in this City Jersey update.
  5. Clippers and Bucks both have one, Bucks is hidden in the antlers and Clippers is the black outline. Spurs and Bulls logos are from before the rule. The Hawks were allowed to not have one since it was going back to an old logo. I don't think it's a super hard rule, but it's a rule nonetheless. http://www.uni-watch.com/2009/09/10/what-youd-prefer-that-they-use-a-puck/
  6. I assume you're talking about the navy, how do you feel about the Royal Blue? And thank you! thank you! I thought about making the star the primary but I think there's an NBA rule against not having basketball in your logo. I was thinking about using the star like that in the city jerseys. I'll definitely try it.
  7. Here's a Mavericks update. Royal blue, better cuffs, removed the side paneling entirely. This makes for a more throwback look, but I think it's modernized enough to be a new sort-of identity. Also added belt lines on the hat logo just so it looks less like a spaceship.
  8. Today I decided to make a new concept for the Mavericks - as if they haven't been done enough. I wanted to go with a classic but modern look, and I think I did pretty well. I'm unsure about the side panels and would like some help there. Constructive Criticism welcome as always! Here's our first look at the logo. I wanted to keep the cowboy hat, incorporate a new star logo, mix in the basketball, and have a fresh font. I think I captured a cowboy look successfully here. This is also obviously spiced up with some drop shadows. That's not in the "actual" concept logo. Here is the logo without the drop shadows. Here is the new "Star" alternate logo. It gives a cowboy vibe, and brings to focus the "Cowboy M". Another alternate logo, here's how the "Cowboy Star" mixes in with the primary logo. I almost liked this look more than the primary logo. Finally, here is the wordmark to the logo. Moving on to the uniforms. I don't have much to say about them, so I won't say much at all. I'll let you guys decide how much you like them. Starting with the Icon Edition I didn't want to go with a flashy number font and ended up liking this one quite a bit. I also liked how the star on the belt buckle looked. I wanted the paneling and waistband to be unique but I'm not sure if I just made it too unbalanced. The Association Edition: I liked how the white drop shadow looked on the whites. I wasn't a fan of the drop shadow on the others. The Statement Uniform: I liked the look of the Blue jerseys when I put it on top of a light grey, what can I say? I haven't yet done a City Edition uniform, but I will definitely make sure I have some fun with it.
  9. Any chance Jazz get the mountains rather than the other throwbacks?
  10. K, I've got what I like as the final (version 8 is what I chose) with a court included. It's here on my behance and I wrote in the fancy stuff you like to hear with new uniforms. Here's the court: I think I'm gonna move on while staying in this thread with other teams. Which team should I do next?
  11. Something I've actually tried before. Didn't like how it turned out. Don't want to put in the work to do it again. It turns out a little awkward since the corner ones aren't right at 45° Thank you! I didn't see this until after I made these. May try incoporating that if I go for what will be v6.0 Thank you! Thanks! I actually posted this on twitter too and the most positive feedback was for the one with the mountains included, so I ended up continuing with that one. Thank you! I addressed, from both from here and twitter, the most requested changes: Purple, changing collar, filling in numbers/logo, UTAH instead of Jazz, and reversing colors. Here they are. Version 5 Version 6 Version 7 Version 8
  12. Not sure, it works fine for me. Just put the background layer you want in front of the black layer and behind the jersey bottom group.
  13. Made this yesterday with the template:
  14. Version 3! Shorts added DOWNLOAD
  15. Turning this into all of my NBA Concepts thread. Utah Jazz City Concept (this post) (V2) (Court) Dallas Mavericks Full Rebrand (V2) (City) So, to preface, I obviously based these off of the uniforms and logos this year, making them a ice-ey, snow-ey, mountain-ey version for next year. I think in general I did a good job, but I'd love to catch some feedback. If you want the template I made, I posted it here a while ago, and will be adding an updated version with the shorts soon. Anyway, let's jump in. I hate writing details to go with the uniforms/logos, so you can use your imagination on what I did for different things. One thing to note is that I used the Oquirrh mountain range for the right side striping (left looking at it in an image), and the Wasatch mountain range for the left side. I also took inspiration from the old Jazz all star logo to make the new snowflake logo. OK here it is. Snowflake logo Mountain-Note logo Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
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