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Hartford Wolfpack Concept


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Hey Guys! It has been awhile but I am back with a new concept. The Hartford Wolfpack logo has always been out of place in the AHL for me, so I thought I can bring something new to the table. Wolfpack_zpscpcsgdhy.jpg

This logo I designed is very simplistic with a huge nod to their NHL affiliate, The New York Rangers. The classic shield has a little modernization with a Wolf in the center. I stuck with the current Wolfpack colors except I added Navy, to me, its a huge upgrade. As for the jerseys, I went with a very simple look, but still have that classic feel. I hope you Guys like this one!

C&C Welcome!

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Wow. Really like it. Maybe turn the sleeve stripes so that they would go straight around if the jersey was real. Just a presentation thing. Maybe a number outline though? That's just to add more color. Logo I really like, just curve the bottom of the wolfs neck like if there was a chest. I give it a 9.5/10, with a great start!

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