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NFL Development League (NFDL)


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Hello my friends, I hve decided to create a development league for the NFL. Each team will have one team in a different city. I will create logos and uniforms for all teams. I might end up doing a season or two (depending how popular this gets). Anyways shoot me feedback! Here's a map of relocation: http://mapmaker.education.nationalgeographic.com/cgJMlSgRsBIvqtnsojwD0W/

Atlanta; Birmingham

Baltimore; Annapolis

New England; Providence

Buffalo; Toronto

Charlotte; Columbia

Chicago; Springfield

Cincinnati; Columbus

Cleveland; Canton

Dallas; Oklahoma City

Denver; Salt Lake City

Detroit; Grand Rapids

Indianapolis; Louisville

Jacksonville; Tallahassee

Kansas City; Wichita

Miami; Nassau

Green Bay; Milwaukee

Minnesota; Fargo

Tennessee; Little Rock

New Orleans; Jackson

NY Jets; Hartford

NY Giants; Albany

Oakland; Reno

Philadelphia; Reading

Arizona; Albuquerque

Pittsburgh; Morgantown

St. Louis; Des Moines

San Diego; Los Angeles

San Francisco; Sacramento

Seattle; Portland

Tampa; Orlando

Washington; Richmond

Houston; Austin

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