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Redesigning the Original Six


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After my Maple Leafs concept, I decided to give each original six team new home and away jerseys and logos by combining elements of old ones.

The first team up is the Boston Bruins.



I used the throwback brown and yellow and used the 1949-95 roundel as a guide.

Home Jersey:


Away Jersey:


The idea for the jerseys is based on the 1949-51 and 1951-55 white jerseys.

C&C is appreciated!

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Make the brown darker or even just keep it black, maybe be a little more creative with the logo itself, too. It looks like the 50-95 logo with the '33 'B' slapped right on top of it. And you missed a couple of places when filling in the gold on the uniform, specifically in the empty places of the Reebok logo. Also, what OS and/or program are you using? This does look quite good for a first draft, but also see if you can use something like Inkscape if you have the time to learn it. You have a great base to work with, but it can be much improved if you put in your own unique flair and couple it with the great look they have now. 


And maybe use the newer Bear on the shoulder

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These are the finalized bruins unis with raised stripes.

I also changed the numbers on the away to brown.



The next team is the Chicago Blackhawks.



It's kinda hard to mess with perfection, but the only changes i made were modify the first leaf, remove the fork-like thing at the top, and place it in the old roundel.





I went with the stripe through the logo because of their old unis, which was striping all the way down, but i wanted a less busy look.

C&C will always be appreciated!

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