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I'm currently working on a fictional soccer league and need some advice on a logo. The team is called the Methodism Crusaders. The area they are in is majority Methodist, so I wanted a team and crest that represent that. The only thing I need help in is logo shape. So please vote for one and why you chose it. Thanks for the help!


These are rough sketches and the series will be hand drawn so I will make a final good copy of the winning design. Also if you have any shape ideas similar please tell me and give an example.

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Thanks for all the help guys!

This team will have a crest the shape of example A.

Stay tuned for my fictional nation soccer league.. I have 14 teams of 30 in the top division done. 

Should be up in 3 weeks to a month.

in the mean time here is a sneak peak!


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2 hours ago, The Nati MacDaddy said:

Here is a link that might help you with the look you want. Google image search crusader shield and got this

Thanks for the idea, but I already finished this team. I am over halfway done with the league now!

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4 minutes ago, The Nati MacDaddy said:

Wow you are on top of this. I saw 3 weeks to a month as a finishing date for the 30 team league and assumed you would be working on this for a little bit longer. I am interested in seeing what you have created. Sorry I wasn't sooner with my original post.

That's fine. I had the designs for the team in mind, I just needed help picking the logo design. I've been working on this series for quite a while actually. I want to finish 20 teams before I post any full concepts. I am also working on the history of the league and want to finish that first. So far 16 teams are done. 

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