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Modernized Dallas Cowboys


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8 hours ago, C-Squared said:

The concept of a silver jersey is something I haven't really seen for Dallas before that could be very interesting... not on board with the gimmicky oversized star on the helmet, personally, but I like the new ground being broke

Thank you for the feedback


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Yeah this one is a solid pass for me. Dallas is a team so deep rooted their tradition that any change needs to be really justified and with the changes you've seen I haven't seen anything I'd consider an improvement on what they currently have.

The word mark feels really clunky when you add the outline to it since some of the outlines run into each other like between the O and the Y where as between the B and the O you have a small sliver of space separating the letters.

The number font is equally clunky and much too thick to function on an actual uniform. It feels fat and short which is really the opposite of what we conventionally expect from a modernization. In a way it sort of reminds me of the old Starter brand replica jerseys with screen printed letters, probably in part that you're mocking up your numbers with jersey holes in them which hasn't been done since the late 80s as far as I'm aware.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 4.32.18 PM.png

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