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Non-Football Universities given Football Uniform Concepts


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Just wanted to do some concept uniforms for non-football schools please feel free to post your own concepts

the first school is VCU which is blasphemous for an ODU Alum but I like their color scheme and mascot.

I tried to keep the uniforms simple to kind of match their basketball unis. 

All credit for the template goes to Doug Houvener!





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Beautiful presentation first of all, great job with that. However I think you relied too much on the sleeves to help balance the colors out. Not that it's super unbalanced without them, but it is pretty bare. You need something on the shoulders whether it be the logo, numbers, or striping just to make it pop a little more. Another suggestion is the numbers look a bit plain sans an outline, which if added would really help complete the uniform. With such a gorgeous presentation, you can make this concept impeccable with some adjustments. Great start!

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This is a nice start, however, I have a couple of things you might want to adjust.

1. The big one, the font of the numbers and wordmark. The font is too basic, and does not relate to VCU itself. My suggestion would be to research and find out what VCU's actual font is.

2. The Nike logo on the chest looks messy, and too close to the VCU wordmark on the front of the jersey.

Other than that, like your presentation.

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