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Creating a "Phoned In" Soccer League


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So, I hate it when pro sports teams give little thought to their logos. Have you ever noticed that some teams out there try to change but take a big step back? Or maybe there's some out there who haven't changed una long time, but it's obvious that the look isn't picking up patina or growing into vintage status. With this is mind, I've decided to create a "phoned in" soccer league.  It is made up of teams from the four major leagues whose looks are uninspired, do not connect to the local city/culture, or have become more "blah" with time. Why a soccer league? Because, as is recently apparent on this board, soccer leagues allow for maximal creativity, and often encourage localizing the look. There's also a higher ceiling for "overdoing" it. This is a crossover series, but perhaps if a different sort. So, the first step is to ID the teams.  While it is definitely my opinion that these teams need more inspiration or local flavor, I'm also taking into account my observations of years following this board. These teams tend to be the ones I've seen which get a little more effort added in their concept league, or in some cases I've noticed entire posts dedicated to these teams. I've come up with some, but would also like feedback on additional teams you believe have "phoned in" looks.  Here's my list:



san Diego padres

detroit tigers

tampa bay rays

colorado Rockies 



brooklyn nets

la clippers 

detroit pistons

indiana pacers

oklahoma city thunder



kansas city chiefs 

Arizona cardinals 



Dallas Stars


what do you think of this list? Any additions to be made? Designs forthcoming will be hand drawn, as I have no access to fancy software. :)


thanks! Feedback much appreciated! 

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My thinking is taking into account the entire look/set, not just the logos. And I should note that my intention is not to out any of the looks, but perhaps give a little more inspiration. For example, the San Diego padres have made many changes recently, but not much in my opinion that helps them stand out. 

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9 hours ago, woody86 said:

Dallas Stars




The Stars' new identity is gorgeous. Have you even seen what came before it? I'll take anything over their original Edge jerseys, but the rebrand they went through a few years ago is absolutely beautiful.


I don't think there are really any bland designs in the NHL except for the Vegas Golden Knights. Bad name and a bad logo.

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Very well on the dallas stars. They are kind of on the border for me. I agree that the NHL does it right with most of their looks! I do know that some on this board have attempted to Texify the Stars a little bit.

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