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AHL | American Hockey League Logo Rebrand

Go Red Sox!

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I never really liked any of those AHL league logos they have used so far. So I decided to modernize the mark, making it once again much simpler and cleaner. Gone is the rather cluttered look from the early 1970s roundel, including the explanation that AHL is the abbreviation for American Hockey League. I think the league has been popular enough to go without it. Colors remain the same: Royal Blue (PMS 286 C), Red (PMS 185 C) and white.




AHL current.png

Current AHL logo













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16 hours ago, joepro said:

I like it but I don't think you need the hockey stick at the top.


Thanks a lot, joepro.


The hockey stick is part of that logo for three reasons:

1. To graphically emphasize it's a hockey league (for those who don't know anything about it) because I already left out the explanation "AMERICAN HOCKEY LEAGUE" for the sake of simplification

2. To add a distinguishing characteristic to the shape of the shield, and

3. To get rid of too much unused negative (blue) space that the letter "L" creates

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