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Revamping NBA Throwback Jerseys (Bulls Added)


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Hello everyone. I am very excited for the NBA to make the move over to Nike this upcoming season. And according to Nike, 8 teams will have throwback uniforms this year. I wanted to take a shot at some throwbacks, but I also wanted to modernize them. I will be posting uniforms for all 30 NBA teams, and maybe the Supersonics/All-Star teams. For uniform references, I used this thread by @eibram . First up,the Atlanta Hawks.


Atlanta Hawks

For the Hawks, I used a combination of their current color scheme/uniforms, and their Dominique Wilkins-era uniforms.



Please leave CC. Next up: Boston Celtics.

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Boston Celtics


For the Celtics, it was harder for me to come up with something original, because uniform changes have been minimal since their first uniforms. I incorporated more gold in to the uniform, and that was about it for the uniform.


Please leave CC. Next up: Brooklyn Nets.

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1 hour ago, KRZYBDGRZ said:

Don't particularly like Boston kinda bland may I ask which jersey are you revamping?

It's a combination of the iconic Celtics look that they've almost barely changed from 1946/present, and the 2006 green and gold jersey


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Charlotte Hornets


For the Hornets, I used their current honeycomb pattern, and their pre-2002 colors. I also put them as the only team to have the Jordan logo on their uniforms, just like Nike did. I couldn't decide between the set with white sides or purple sides, so please tell me which one looks better.CharlotteHornets.thumb.png.d8f7f2da7f596e0a88ec465e23865a2c.png


Please leave CC for any uniforms in this thread. Next up: Chicago Bulls.

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Hawks - This is a very good modernization of the throwback jersey to which you're alluding! I think you could even carry the subtle triangle pattern across the chest swoop without any issues, and perhaps a complementary numeral font would work better with the wordmark font. All in all, I like what you've got so far!


Celtics - A little bland, but a team like the Celtics don't need anything too off-the-wall. I'd start by challenging yourself to do a little bit more with the shorts design than simply coloring a single panel gold and calling it a day.


Nets - The plain white side panel feels unnecessary, but everything else about this design is perfect!


Hornets - I'm not sure which throwback jersey you've revamping here, but I'd personally like to see something with their beloved pinstripes!

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Nets v2


Only change was the white panel on the side was changed to blue.


Celtics v2


I added the gold to the wordmark/numbers, and some gold/white stripes to the pants.



Hornets v2


I completely redesigned the uniform, adding the classic pinstripes that they had from 1989-2002, and changing the wordmark/font to the present-day "Hornets" wordmark/font.



Please leave CC. Next up: Chicago Bulls.

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