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Alright the moment you've all been waiting for, your 2017-2018 USSL Champion!






Olympique Detroit capture their first ever USSL title in a thrilling 3-2 stoppage time victory over Californian giants Oakland. Detroit trailed 2-0 in the first half but overcame it to break Oakland hearts. Mohamed Salah scored the winner with six minutes left to play and led the Motors to glory.


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31 minutes ago, MDTrey4 said:

I know that you have these posters for some of the teams but any chance you have full rosters?? Just something to keep this thread alive and thriving

I don't happen to have rosters I just kinda came up with random players for the teams, but I'll see what I can post to keep it alive

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On 12/9/2017 at 8:34 PM, soflo_sports said:


Merrimack United SC

“The Reds”
Manchester, NH

League: New England Soccer League

Kits: Macron

Colors: Red and Gold

Sponsor: Philips

Year Founded: 1935

USSL Titles: 0

League Finish: 5


Yes! A New Hampshire team! This would be the team that I would personally root for! ?

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