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New Blue Jays Uniforms to come?


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although i wouldn't mind a change in uniforms, it'll be too soon to change again. Just because they fired Tosca doesn't mean that a uni change is up next. It would be welcomed, if they do, I think they have to get some elements of the old designs back, not all, but some.

does anyone know what it costs teams to change their uniforms/logos/looks for a season? it can't be cheap I'd imagine

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It doesn't cost them anything. If it did, they wouldn't do it. Teams buy new uniforms etc. every season. They use up things like letterhead, and most merchandise is ordered new every year. The temporary sales bump that a change always causes pays for the changes.

Notice that I said "if they don't perform well next season". I don't think they'll change them after one, but if they perform this poorly next year, management might start to look at the idea.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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