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XYZ Channel concept


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Believe it or not, closer to the time The Walt Disney Company acquired the Fox Family Channel from Rupert Murdoch, they almost changed the name to XYZ, but because this guy got in the way...


The name changed instead to ABC Family, and most recently, Freeform.


Here is a concept for a logo that could've been used had Disney went ahead with cancelling the 700 Club and adopting the XYZ brand...


C&C Welcome.

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3 hours ago, bwburke94 said:

This story's had several tellings in the past. With the rename to Freeform, it's clear the "Family" clause never existed, so we no longer know what we thought we knew.


Is it clear, though? It's possible there could have just been some time horizon they needed to reach before changing the channel's name. But the point is well-taken, we really don't know what terms were involved with the whole Family Channel thing.

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