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Blank NFL Uniform Templates

Nick 1733

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bandwith exceeded already....

but from what i saw, very nice..

some inconsistancies and errors, but for the most part, very clean. I like.

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A lot of things have to do with your shoulder to sleeve cut. It's hard to describe how it should be.

For the Rams, on both jerseys, the gold stripe is thicker than you have it, and on the blue jersey, the white stripe is probably only a third of the size of the gold stripe (when thick, not how you have it). I know Reebok's fan jerseys have them the same size, but forget Reebok...they don't know how to make accurate fan jerseys.

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i would like em as .gif but there are prolly people who would prefer .ai so just do both :)

thanx in advance

I know I would like them in .ai

And, I too, thank you. Awesome job! ^_^

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