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Randy's Random Concepts - #3 Vancouver Canucks 2019/20 Prediction


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First off, I want to say that the template is my traced version of @OhioSportsMan61's fantastic Adizero template.


#1 - Winnipeg Jets


When the Jets unveiled their newest alternate logo, I immediately thought that was their best logo and should be the primary. So I made it the primary for this concept. I brought back to original Jets last uniform styling and combined 2 different eras from 2 different teams. Enjoy! 



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#3 - Vancouver Canucks


Speculation has it that the Vancouver script will be dropped from the primary logo. 2019/20 will also see the addition of a third jersey and the skate throwback to celebrate the Canucks 50th Anniversary. So here is my prediction for the Canucks 2019 set. Script dropped, green alt, Adizero Flying Skate.




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