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  1. For the Does you mention that you're going for the same look as the Bucks and Herd logos but you don't quite do them justice. I'd try to make the face match up better to those logos; for the most part you've got the head shaped correctly and the ears look more doe-like than stag, but that snout... The addition of blue helps. For the Mustangs you're trying to update that first logo but yeesh that's a step back. The M is practically illegible and you've clearly only got half a horse there. If he's giddying up out of a letter like the Denver Broncos D logo, that's one thing, but you're trying to convey galloping and there just aren't enough legs. I count one. Carry the speed lines right into the body of the horse maybe instead of being separate. Or, what I would try doing is taking a full silhouette of a galloping horse like in that original logo and just finding a way to modernize the M and the speed lines--bring that logo out of the 90s.
  2. Great work. Composition is great. The only thing I would recommend is maybe getting some more expression from the eye. He looks pretty bored right now! Curve the brow in front of the eye a bit and maybe go a bit more oval for the shape.
  3. The aurora is really improved, but I don’t like the star hanging out there in the top right corner obstructing a good part of the state outline now. If you could find a way to shape the star into the curve of that part of the map it might work better. Also the swoop gave it some interesting motion and now the star is just kind of... there. The wordmark is very much improved!
  4. Gotta say the jerseys for Philly are very neat. Never seen the full yoke stop halfway down like that. boston and sj show a lot of promise as well.
  5. I’m really not feeling the logos for most of these. A lot of the logos feel like changing certain elements for the sake of change, but nothing’s really been a large enough improvement in my opinion. The jerseys are really good though. I’d say your Vancouver logo with the plaid has the most promise so far.
  6. Typo in the Cincinnati wordmark. I like the Miami concept a lot! Agree you maybe need a more interesting name though for that team.
  7. The cheeks are a bit too wide and rounded and the snout appears to expand from the eyes to the nose when it should probably narrow. It is a tough animal to get right. I struggled to do one myself and had to change it many times before I was satisfied.
  8. The Eskimos wore uniforms based on their Reebok/Adidas Signature uniforms yesterday, completely devoid of white and black. New for this year was a yellow helmet with green EE which in the past was green with yellow EE, due to teams using one shell this year.
  9. I think Nashville could do without the white cuffs—still gets the message across that it’s from their weird 90s metallic shoulder/arms
  10. The Vegas jersey is pretty great and I could see that happening. The only thing I don’t like is the crest. Their secondary logo is a little weak. Maybe increase the size a little.
  11. Thanks. I saw today that the Stamps practiced in red helmets so that would seem to confirm they won’t have a different helmet for the game (not to mention they ditched black helmets this year so why would they bring one out now?). So Saskatchewan would likely just have the decals replaced.
  12. I’m starting to wonder now if we’ll get any alternate jerseys or helmets this weekend. NewEra is rolling out this throwback sideline gear for Labour Day Weekend apparently, but I don’t know if there’s been word yet on whether or not we’ll get the Roughriders’ usual throwback, or a Stampeders black helmet and/or jersey. The Stamps’ two-toned chrome helmet from the past few years was a Reebok/Adidas thing.
  13. The Eskimos don’t really have much to go with logo-wise. The wishbone double E is from the Warren Moon Grey Cups in the 70s and 80s so it’s hard to argue that choice. Im just wondering why the Roughriders picked that boring logo.
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