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  1. Virginia and Virginia Tech are great—no complaints. Rutgers... I’m not feeling that one for some reason. I like the clash jersey with the knight logo front and center, hockey style. But the red jersey is just kind of okay. Maybe lose the number and just go with the R. That would be pretty minimalistic but that’s kinda what I feel like you were going with on that one.
  2. Penn St looks much better without the stripe and I like how the two differ still with the logo placement. Okay Richmond—just enough Spider-Man while still being Richmond. I’d say you nailed that one; it’s fun but still good. That’s a great concept.
  3. Not to go off topic but I lived in Lex for two years when I attended UK for graduate school.
  4. So enlighten me. Is Modi’in a cold-weather place? I like the polar bear. Just not a lot of context to go on because I don’t know much admittedly about Israel.
  5. I still think these are great. Maryland is perfect—on brand and subtle. Penn State—just not sure about the vertical stripe. I get the stripe is like the football helmet but maybe for them it should be a super plain white t with a tiny logo like a golf shirt.
  6. I like this better. I think the issue before was the open, snarling mouth. Didn’t really flow with the stache. Might want to try losing the mouth altogether although that might leave too much open space there.
  7. Maybe thicken that mustache a bit. He looks like a beatnick French cat burglar. Needs to be more like an old timey barenuckle boxer. Use Single A Lexington Legends for reference.
  8. Which teams do the caps belong to? I feel like we are missing something.
  9. The IBA Star of David part of your logo is strong enough to be the logo. All that other stuff surrounding it is just filler/clutter. Inaugural is spelt wrong.
  10. Delaware is a bit weird with the giant D front and center but overall these are nice—not too over the top for BP uniforms.
  11. The colors just really remind me of the 90s still.
  12. You’re doing great with these. Should the blue be a bit darker for Duke?
  13. Ottawa should definitely be yow...
  14. I think these are all great! For Michigan I might have tried to do some kind of striping on the shirt similar to what’s on their world famous football helmets. I do think there isn’t enough maize/yellow on there.
  15. The Brewers is really making me feel the 80s Seattle “M’s” Mariners more than anything. The double outline, although drop shadowed, and the darker blue I think is why.