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  1. Up next is the Dallas Renegades. They have a couple of good elements in their jersey but their biggest problem is color balancing. Blue on black on black on black and blue on white on white on white. The solution to this I thought was to flip the blue and black ong the home jersey and socks. The away jersey the same apart from the stripe which is the same width al the way around, The same goea for the stripe on the home jersey. Added black pants to the away uniform. Let me know what you think!
  2. Up next is the team that currently is up 18-0 (jinx), the DC Defenders. I wanted to keep the simplicity while fixing some minor flaws. First off, red jersey, white pants and vice versa. The sleve stripe feels off, i Think due to the bolt thinning out, therefor I put the logo there instead which added some symmetry to the design. The bolt on the pant stays the same. Let me know what you think!
  3. That would turn them into the Texans
  4. Changed the helmet to white to fit as a callback to the Oilers. The silver is in the stars on the home and oulines the star on the road jersey. Let me know what you think!
  5. That’s a great idea! I’ll mock it up!
  6. Reworked Houston to differenciate them from the Texans. More silver and less blue was the winning formula. Let me know what you think!
  7. Looks beautiful! Reminds me of how much I miss the AAF
  8. This turned out to become a series! Next up is the Houston Roughnecks. Their current jerseys are okay but the side pannels destroys the jersey. No outline of the star and a pretty basic basic coloring makes their jersey bland. I added an outline to the star as well as gave them a full color yoke. That gives the jersey more of a unique feel. I changed the helmet and pants from gray to blue to gray because the gray didn't work in game due to missmatched shades of gray which looked weird. I thought that the blue both solved this problem and fitted better in with this design. Let me know what you think!
  9. Hello! The XFL kickstarted last weekend with some great action and a couple of good designs. Tho some uniforms looked good a couple were aweful. The worst uniform of the bunch was definetly the LA mess. The uniform needed a complete redesign. I decided to go fairly traditional with two stripes on each sleve. I chose to go with black pants to create a moncrome look. While I'm mostly against monochrome the black pants just looked better. The white uniform has the same design as the home just with a white base and the exact same sleve design. Let me know what you think!
  10. Holy heck! This is amazing. Btw what font did you use for Orlando?
  11. It’s called a smörgåsbord! Nice designs tho!
  12. What font did you use for London? I really like it!
  13. Some teams in europe have 1 before itöln
  15. In the videos released by the Roughnecks on various social media plattforms their jerseys look orange. IMO better than the red
  16. Looks good but size is a bit small if games got into the 100’s
  17. Good idea but the logo is too long. Also, try to add a second color, maybe gray?
  18. There are barely any extra costs, helmets are light and easy to pack so they dont take up much space, socks too. Jerseys weigh a litte but not enough to make a difference.
  19. An extra helmet can easelly fit into the players' equipment bag, so can the other pair of socks and a shell for the pants if needed The jerseys can be folded up into an extra players bag or a crate like some teams do
  20. NHL: Team chooses whether to wear colored or white at home, away team wears a jersey of different color, can be color on color. Can help to enforce an identy. Examples: Winnipeg can go with white jerseys to build on their White Out brand and the flames can wear red at home to fulfill their motto of C of Red. Everybody's happy