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Newest Hyundai A-League Club's Unveil Logos

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The two newest clubs to be granted membership in Australia's Hyundai A-League soccer competition have unveiled their respective team logos.

Western United FC, representing the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and set to begin play next season, revealed the following mark on May 7th...



In an accompanying statement, the club stated:

"Without a shield or mascot, our bold design celebrates the growth of Victoria's Western Corridor. From the birds-eye view, we've highlighted the pitch of the rooftops of Australia's fastest growing community, and borrowed architectural forms influenced by the famous West Gate Bridge - the gateway to the West. Our signature green color represents growth, harmony and freshness. United as a team with one shared vision, a vision to stand out."

Macarthur FC, representing South Western Sydney and launching in time for the 2020-21 season, presented the following logo on March 14th...


The club's branding statement declared:

"Our brand represents our football heritage, our vision, our communities and our history. We are loyal, tribal, proud, hard working, and inclusive. Our bull demonstrates our physical power and our club name is strong, stable and synonymous to our region. The three stars of the Southern Cross represent our connection as Australians and symbolise our links through Football - Community, National Premier League and A-League, each equally important. Our club name, bull and three stars are enclosed, embodying our association partners, our community and our vision - with strength and endurance. The black and white represents people from every culture and the touches of ochre pay homage to the Dharawal heritage."

A number of sources have indicated that the bull also references a runaway herd of cattle that was eventually discovered in the region in 1795.

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Wow...I didn't realize the A-League was expanding by 2 clubs. 


That MacArthur logo has a lot of weird negative space at the top with the name above the horns. 


Ochre is a unique color...but will be hell to match on fabric and apparel. It reminds me of the "old gold" that Wolverhampton Wanderers originally used and gradually switched over to a more orange hue.

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