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MarbleLympics logos, uniforms


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For those of you who are unaware, there is such a thing as the MarbleLympics, and I'll let Wikipedia's description tell the tale:



Jelle's Marble Runs is a YouTube channel run by Jelle Bakker and Dion Bakker based around the game of marbles, and marble runs. Content on the channel includes videos spoofing the Olympic Games, and other sporting events, treating the run of marbles as though they were athletes. The MarbleLympics, portrayed as the Games has a choreographed Opening and Closing Ceremony, many of the sports are designed to resemble Olympic sports, with commentary provided by Greg Woods. Each year, Bakker uploads a new series of the MarbleLympics, with different events and teams each year, which are introduced in the Qualifying round. As of May 2019, the channel has over 400,000 subscribers with more than 117 million views.


Jelle's Marble Runs features not only the MarbleLympics, the Marble Showdown, Sand Marble Rally, and occasionally Hubelino Tournament.  Here's the MarbleLympics events from this last year:





Anywho, starting with the remaining events of 2019 (I believe), they've gotten a rebranding of all of their teams.







The above link has a more detailed look at the logos and their "uniforms."










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Marblelympics is a fantastic channel.  


We all did marble races - or Hot Wheels races, or whatever - as kids, but these guys have taken that concept and dialed up the execution to an 11.  If things like the XFL or arena football leagues had this level of execution, we'd probably have a successful NFL alternative in North America.

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