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  1. Considering BYU literally burned their last dark blue helmet to exorcise the demons haunting the program, I'm a little surprised that they are trying it again.
  2. The Jazz know how to take advantage of something that sells. When they did those COVID charity shirts during summer, you could pick one of two colorways...Sunset or gold, green, or blue to be found. Frankly, if we're stuck doing this 4 jersey nonsense forever, I would like to see them always do a mountains/ice/north set and desert/sun/south set to fill in the slots...but, you know, not be the same style every time.
  3. We did it guys. We put an anus on a flag.
  4. This is my exact train of thought. On the colors, scrolling through the website, the logo section really shows how much more exciting this would have been if they had hinged the brand on the ice blue, instead of the navy.
  5. I mean, it's fine. The best I can hope for is that they pull a Rangers and choose to wear the monogram instead of the badge
  6. MLS starting to cramp SBNation's style with all these roundels.
  7. Taking my shot. They'll just flip to the other side of Manifest Destiny. Washington Roughriders
  8. Before RSL ever held a naming contest, I insisted to many people that the best name for the team would be Salt Lake CIty Town. They did not find me funny.
  9. Well... I guess this is happening
  10. I believe that technically purple and teal were the main colors since they were the connections to the original Jazz purple/green. The copper replaced gold and blue/black were added to round out the scheme. (this is my supposition based on reading through the small number of articles that were produced at the time) Key point of humor: John Stockton says of the new colors "They're subtle. They're not crazy." Little did he know that just 8 years later the Jazz would find a color scheme so subtle it was positively catatonic.
  11. He was dealing with severe dementia, so likely wouldn't have made much of an interview. This is from last summer. Here's what the Jazz have put up on social media
  12. A merchandise revenue generation machine. Let us never forget that the team president openly admitted the change from purple to blue in 2004 was because "blue just sells better." And here we are in 2020 with blue being forced to compete with purple and redyelloworange, and I can't remember the last time I saw someone wearing blue merch.
  13. Yikes. That RSL is kit is really bottom of the barrel. Zero effort. Zero thought. I hope Adidas makes zero dollars. The only thing that's even passably interesting about it is the use of the state road sign for the foundation year. But it's stapled on to...THAT template.
  14. Did you click "International Checkout" in your cart? I was able to set up shipping to Australia