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  1. Jazz leaning HAAAAARD into the 90's for a tshirt contest
  2. Throwing back to 1966 is a uniquely obscure choice.
  3. You heard it here first, everyone, Donovan Mitchell collaboration featuring MA$E!
  4. Unless they're going to change the marble that runs for Team Galactic, it feels like they should try to incorporate the brown and silver somewhere on the logo and uniform.
  5. It's only unfortunate that the kits still have Hummel's obnoxious chevrons.
  6. If they release a j-note in each color scheme, I'm suing.
  7. On a scale of 1 to 10, how intentional do you think it was that a team called "Chaos" ended up with uniforms printed in a highly ordered, art deco pattern?
  8. That Chelsa kit is so bad that people will be excitedly wearing throwbacks of it in 20 years.
  9. These teams are inextricably linked forever. It would apropos (and wonderful) for them to share the same primary color scheme. At the very least, they should always wear complimentary uni's for their matchups.
  10. I talked to some friends who attempted to attend today's Salt Lake game. Foolishly they thought the ticket office would be open or that the AAF app would allow them to buy tickets or that the security guards/ticket takers would take pity on the team and accept money from these fans. They didn't. So here we are. It seems every half-baked league (NHL excluded) thinks it can roll into town, give bare minimum effort and earn Jazz/RSL/Ute/Cougar level of support. People around here can smell this garbage from a mile away and I'm glad they didn't fall for it. Too bad for the players though. I look forward to seeing children in some war-torn or hurricane ravaged nation wearing Stallions gear over the next few years (note: I'm assuming they have merch. I literally haven't seen any).
  11. Hey now, at least they left some capital letters in there.
  12. I mean, no one really deluded themselves into thinking that Salt Lake would come up with a bold identity right? "There are several blue teams in the area"--Put them in two blues! "There are lots of Broncos fans in the area"-- Call them the Stallions!