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  1. Yikes. That RSL is kit is really bottom of the barrel. Zero effort. Zero thought. I hope Adidas makes zero dollars. The only thing that's even passably interesting about it is the use of the state road sign for the foundation year. But it's stapled on to...THAT template.
  2. Did you click "International Checkout" in your cart? I was able to set up shipping to Australia
  3. Authentic jerseys typically sell out pretty quickly (my brother is a collector and says authentic Jazz jerseys are impossible to get by mid-November). There's still plenty of Swingman though
  4. I was watching PBS tonight and noticed they were no longer using their black and white color scheme. As with many things, it's a shift towards being noticeable on digital platforms. Also, more serifs sacrificed to our modern world...
  5. Holy shiz, I just woke up in 2006!! Excuse me while I go buy some Disney stock.
  6. This is a common error. We're actually trying to imitate Real Sociedad!
  7. Hey, good to see the skinny U's back again!
  8. Am I seeing things or is there a weird anglular shift on the new 'K' extension? It definitely doesn't have the smooth, almost handwriting elegance of the previous 'K'. It almost looks clumpy. Like two elements were stapled together.
  9. Imagine how much nicer that look would be if the tribal pattern were on the uni. Oh well.
  10. I feel you didn't do a good enough job picking on the panoply of hopeless minor league pro-teams that showed up here. Like the Utah Blitzz, the Utah Catzz, and the eternally mind-melting Utah Freezz.
  11. Jazz leaning HAAAAARD into the 90's for a tshirt contest
  12. Throwing back to 1966 is a uniquely obscure choice.
  13. You heard it here first, everyone, Donovan Mitchell collaboration featuring MA$E!