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Updated CCSLC Code of Conduct/FAQs

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This is a notice to all members that the CCSLC Code of Conduct (CoC) and FAQs have been updated. 


In general, there are no major changes to the contents of the CoC. Some points were consolidated as they were similar to one another, while other points have been broken out for emphasis. Some outdated language has been updated, especially in the FAQs, and some language has been added to close loopholes and better spell out possible action moderators may take. One or two points were added to codify practices that moderators have followed for some time but we realized weren't written down anywhere.


Please take a few minutes to re-familiarize yourself with the CoC by clicking on the link above. This thread will remain open for 48 hours in case there are any questions. Thanks!

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I'd love it if 12 were modified to "Keep off site off this site", as I don't need to hear about something from some other website unless I go to that site.


I recognize that this isn't possible, though, so pay no attention to it 🙂

It's where I sit.

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