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Braden's Day at Skydome,


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Today I went to Skydome to another Jays game. But this was no ordinary Jays game, cause I hung out with the legendary Chris Creamer (In the nice 200 section when I wasn't supposed to :P ). I've always wanted to see you guys in person, even though we're all so far apart. Thanks Chris!

I took some pictures including one of us two so as soon as I get them I'll scan and post them.

Oh by the way the Jays lost AGAIN... because of their fluffing crappy bullpen AGAIN... It's so frustrating cause they were winning until the top of the 9th inning. But honestly I was not there to see the Jays :)


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You tryin' to get him fired or somethin'?

Man. What'd he ever do to you? :D

Let's see.... Throw eggs at the front door, had his dig soiled the lawn, threw toilet paper around, hitting on his girlfriend, throwing him over the 500 level facade..... No wait, that was just a dream.... ^_^

I saw, I came, I left.

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