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Soaring Higher - A Redesign of the Colorado Eagles


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There are very few teams who have a visual history as scattered, confusing, and poorly documented as the Colorado Eagles. Throughout their nearly two decade history, they've worn a ton of jerseys. Attached in the spoiler below is a small handful of primary jerseys I could find online that the Eagles have worn. I put it in a spoiler because it's really, really long -- and it doesn't even include alternate/specialty/one-off jerseys, which the team also has a metric f***ton of.


wXR4939.jpg     Primary jersey from the team's inaugural season in 2003 until 2006-ish

145751-13445937Fr.jpg     2008-09 Fifth anniversary jersey? They wore these a ton, but I don't know if they were ever official primary jerseys.

20070523__20070524_D8_SP24EAGLESp3.jpg?w=434     2006(ish)-2010 Primary jersey, a recolor of their inaugural sweaters

6L7bsAV.jpg     2010-11 primary jersey

214716e1e602105f2d13fe9f6d3980c0.jpg     2011-16 Primary jersey, which is just an LA Kings clone

cut.JPG     2016-17 Primary jersey

20171020DMAD-043819-696x464.jpg     2017-18 Primary jersey, which was a rehash of the old Colorado Rockies jerseys.

hunter-scaled-e1597890787132.jpeg     2018-2020 Primary jersey

new-eagles-jersey.jpg?w=980&q=75     2020-Pres primary jerseys


I went to a ton of Eagles games growing up, and I don't think I ever saw the same jersey twice, between all their specialty nights and primary jersey changes. Even now that they've settled into a black-and-blue jersey identity, it still doesn't match well with the team's logo. In order to try to unify the team's identity, I went ahead and redesigned their jerseys. I hope you'll like what I came up with!



Here's a more in-depth look at each of the jerseys, along with a small explainer.



The primary jerseys are pretty simple. The striping pattern follows the feathered 'E' in the team's logo, and gives the team a unique brand that still fits in well with their pre-existing identity. Not much else to say here!



The throwback sweater is where the team can have fun with their confusing visual identity. I played around with a number of different jerseys from the Eagles' history, but I settled on the ones they won two Ray Miron Cups in the CHL in. Plus, who wouldn't love those awful, gradient-filled claw marks on the jersey?

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Definitely good call to go wordmark-less on the primary jerseys, and the striping pattern is quite nice! Looks pretty good with the modern Avs font too.

Not really feeling the yellow outline on the Colorado flag; I'd go white. I wonder if the logo would look good with blue instead of black now that the uniform is black-less too...?

Also it's not your fault but uuughhh those '06-'10 jerseys are so nasty... :S I guess if you must go with those, the blue on your shoulder numbers feels like an out of place addition.

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The claw marks are a classic for the eagles!! I love to see my local team make it to the boards! Just curious because of the affiliation with the Avalanche, what would the primaries  look like with the steel blue that they use?

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I love this! The Colorado Eagles might be one of the best examples for having a good logo and then completely ruining that logo with a terrible uniform. They set themselves up so well with the three coloured stripes and then they just didn't use that whatsoever. Your concept is exactly what they should've done. I wouldn't change anything about it, it's perfect!

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