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Winnipeg goldeyes new uniforms


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I read the story, but didn't see any pictures, and never got around to finding them on the site.

I like 'em. I liked the old ones too, but these are still nice. Is the dark one grey? 'Cause in the picture it looks like 2 white jerseys. Anywho, I saw that Goldeyes wordmark earlier this year, and wondered whether they had switched from the old one. Guess I was right.

Good classy job boys. You make us proud.

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Agree. Say has anyone checked out the 10th anniversary logo on their website. I feel that it was influenced by the Blue Jays' 25th anniversary logo. Maybe it's just me! ???


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well the logo features a fish with a gold eye, though i do think it's a little weird not to have gold in the uniform.


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The name Goldeyes refers to the fish in the logo, as a goldeye is a freshwater fish indigenous to Manitoba (similar to a walleye).

The navy & crimson color scheme is a holdover from the days of yore, when the original Goldeyes were a Class-D affiliate of the St Louis Cardinals.

Hence, no gold in the uniform color scheme, although it is listed as an official color within their Pantones.

Sometimes it's just a name, guys.  Like Freud said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

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