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Sleeves' patches online


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Watch out though, alot of times those have a really hard plastic backing on them so they cant be sewn onto jerseys or anything else. If you find somewhere that has the Astros' current sleeve patch without the backing, let me know... I have a jersey that needs one.

By the way, try www.vintagebb.com

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Thanks very much, people! I'll verify all the links you provided here!


Reedited: Wow! jpslapshot22, man, you hit a HR! Thanks! Found it at $14.95


This is because I found a good SF Giants jersey (with number in the back) in eBay at $79.99 but no sewed patch there. And a full jersey costs $189.99!!!

So I'll expend almost 95 dollars, "cheap"! :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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