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Yeah, it does look a little pushed in. I always thought that a darker hawaii blue would work if they added another color in. The thing with the Lions look, while it looks forced in, from the TV camera angle, it looks fairly close to the same. I just wish it was a dark blue and not black.

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Well Limeguy, I don' really think anyone was saying thaqt these were drastic changes, but any change you make to a uniform this classic is going to be billed as drastic. It would be like putting a black border on the Packers jerseys. While I do like the new jerseys a lot, it's basically just because they look like the old ones, which absolutley ROCKED. I own a new Harrington jersey but I would still take the old jerseys back in a nanosecond. Basically my beef with the redesign is the collar which was mentioned, the black type on the blue home jersey for the "Lions" script, the black outline on the helmet logo, the pants stripe which looks forced, and the sleeve stripe on the home jersey, which just doesn't look right with all those colors. Plus the fact that they basically are a dead-on football version of the Orlando Magic (though the Lions did do the redesign first). And yeah man where have you been, you've never seen the blue pants? It was for one season, I wanna say '98.


I absolutely LOVE the new logo. It is sleek, it is sexy and it makes the team look like they actually want to accomplish something excellent.

Sleek and sexy in that it doesn't resemble an "F" at all anymore, and has no tail/stubby claws? Sorry man but that is the worst logo redesign I can remember.

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