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Any ideas for team nickname?


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I do a fantasy league and we're putting a team in Minnesota. It used to be the Omaha Prairie Hawks. I don't really care what they are now, but they're playing in Minneapolis, MN. Any ideas? We've toyed with North Hawks, but I don't like it (its a takeoff of the North Stars and keeping the Hawks name) and I dont want to go back to Twins (they moved long ago)

Any ideas?

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haha, thats what i had at first, but i wasnt sure if anyone would remember the jesse ventura crack on letterman about st. paul's roads.

oh how i was wrong  :laugh:

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Oh, its a baseball team.

Here is the league site, though it hasn't been updated of late. Professional Leagues of Baseball

Here is the Dynasty that's updated regularly SportsDynasty

I settled on the Minnesota Voyagers for the Minnesota team, tying into the Scandavania heritage, using the Vikings colors and the lakes as a idea for the logo (of which I have yet to design)

Other league names that might invoke some sort of interesting logo:

Toronto Huskies

Dallas Lone Stars

Nevada Silverhawks (anyone remember the tv show Silverhawks)

New Orleans Enforcers

Houston Stampede

Mexico City Firekings

Portland Lightning

Los Angeles Goldens

San Diego Stars

Pittsburgh Blue Jays

New Jersey Pirates (they moved from Pittsburgh, the idea here was to incorporate the shore somehow)

Louisville Sluggers

Tampa Thundercats

Memphis Hound Dogs

Carolina Bluefish

Cleveland Cosmos (shied away from the Indians moniker)

So if anyone is feeling ambitious, I'd be interested to see what folks come up with. I'm just learning vector graphics and I'm not that good at it. But I have to say that the talented people here have inspired me to try at all. So..keep up the good work.

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