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Canadian league debuts


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Took these screen caps from TV from last nights Inaugural CBL Game between the Montreal Royales and the London Monarchs, sorry I couldn't get a better view of the uniforms.



The speed-up rules (batters can't leave the box, pitchers have 20 seconds) made the game a lot more interesting.  You could tell the level of the players instantly with Montreal's 3 errors in the first inning.  London wins 13-3.


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how much does anyone wanna bet les royales outdraw les expos? :D

okay designs, i guess.  i don't like the monarchs' design that much, though...probably cus i got a soft spot for the team that used to use that name


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Les Royales outdrawing Les Expos? It would pretty hard considering Les Royales will not be playing any home dates in Montreal this season! :D   Personaly, the logos in the CBL are not bad at all!

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