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Mexican futbol (soccer) team hockey x-overs


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I just got finished with the first two. Its tough to find quality images of the mexican clubs' jerseys anywhere on the web.

first, the two most popular clubs, who happen to be bitter rivals

Club America

Chivas de Guadlajarra

for America, I kept it simple. because the actual soccer jerseys are real simple in design. team is sponsored by Coca Cola and Corona  :D

now chivas, no I was not about to make a verically striped hockey jersey!  :P  so what I did was use simple traditional red striping with blue accents. the striped jersey is the home set and on the road they wear a solid red jersey. this club is sponsored by Tolteca and Cerveza Sol

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well since i kind of pushed ya to do these, here's what i think:

i'm a little disappointed in the chivas home one cus of the striping issue, but otherwise i like.  club america one is pretty good as well, looks like something i can't put my tongue to right now ???

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I have to agree with the move not to make a vertically striped jersey.  That would have been too wierd.  

Excellent work.  I like Club America's x-over.  Simple.  Reminds me of team Sweden.

Since you changed what the road are anyways(you have some striping), shouldn't the road follow the striping pattern of the home?  Just wondering your thought process.  BTW, what are chivas?

These clubs sure do have a flair for beverage sponsors.  Not sure what Tolteca is, but it sounds alcoholic.

I'll bet if you went to some sites like maybe futbol365.com (i think it exists) you could find these soccer jerseys for sale.  Then it would be easier to make the jerseys because you could look at the pics.

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the following statement has nothing to do with anything, i just feel like speakin on it.  i still don't know what club america's uniforms remind me of but i think i saw a semipro team in said uniform playing across from target two weeks ago.  end of pointless post :P
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