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Nuggets metalic powder blue concept


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The jersey is aight, but the gold should definitely be mettalic gold.  With nothing on the side it is very plain.  The poweder blue doesnt look mettalic but thats hard to do so thats all right.  However I think you should make the black white, because someone once said that the new jersey is mettalic powder blue, with gold and white trim although there is much more white than gold.
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They really look good! I dislike full logos on the front as much as the next guy, but I don't know of a way you'd separate them and make it look good! It's a little tall perhaps... maybe if it was shrunk height-wise a bit (I know that's not the way the real logo is, but the logo's likely to change anyway, so who cares?), it wouldn't overpower the numbers so much. Maybe the Nuggets type could be as tall (or shorter than) the height that your numbers are now, and the numbers could be as tall as (and wider than) the "Nuggets" lettering is now.

That said, I like that shade of blue, and wouldn't mind seeing the same jersey using Vegas gold (although I'm not saying that's for sure the way to go).

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