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TD record tied, may be broken


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Wanna know why?

Cuz they won't be able to play in Pittsburgh or Foxboro in January.


Owner of

Kalamazoo Tech Kobras (Nat'l College Fant. Assc. Basketball, Football, and Hockey)

2006-07 NCFAB National Champions

2006 NCFAF Midwest Conf. Champions

Rochester Patriots (Major League Hockey - AHL Fantasy League) 2005-06 Neilson Cup Champs

Detroit Black Panthers (Xtreme Hockey League) 2005-06 Yzerman Conference Champs

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Draft a letter!


From: Joe Zierer

Subj: Suggestion for Indianapolis Announcers

Body: Next time, why don't you get on your knees and lick Peyton Manning's you know what's..that way, we know who you're affiliated with..

Yours Truly,

An Indiana Resident who hates Peyton Manning..(damn Tennessee sonofa..)


I don't speak for democrats, democrats don't speak for me.

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[Nelson Muntz]HAH-HA!!![/Nelson Muntz]

They're going to have to go through Pittsburgh.

"I better go take a long walk off a short pier or something."

Some people on this bolard have told me to do just that.

My "Ron Mexico" alias is "Jon Tobago".

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