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Oakland Raiders logo concepts


so, will it fly with Al?  

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Its tough to improve on a classic, and even for a 49ers fan the Raiders logo is about as timeless and classic a logo as you can get.

so with that said, I attempted to update Al's old hand-drawn logo to something a bit sharper and more dynamic. Hoever this update would not fly if it didnt keep the same qualities that the much loved (and hated) logo the Raiders currently use has.

so with that said, here's my idea for an updated Raiders primary logo


here is a stand alone raider with swords without the shield


and a shield logo without the script, with the swords slightly overlapping the bottom of the shield


and just for display purposes, here is how it would look on the helmet


Im only attempting to update the logo here and not the uniform. this updated logo is intended to be used with the same uniform design the Raiders currently have.

so vote away, and if you want to discuss these with me, PM me. That is, if you can :hockeysmiley:

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