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Phillies Concept Uniform


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This is the first time I have submitted a design to the forum, so please be gentle on me :-)

I was always a fan of the old Phillies unis from the 80's, so what I did was kind of replicate them, just with the "newer" logo set. I didn't use a name on the back, I have a soft spot for numbers only. You will see that I usually don't use names on baseball jerseys.

Anyway, please let me know what you all think. Thanks!

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I really like the whites and I have been thinking about something similier. Not bad for your first try. I would continue tweaking and cleaning it up. The blue is an interesting idea but it looks too much like pajamas, but its refreshing and a good attempt to link back to the glory years. I don't think the light blue would work on the caps. But keeping working on the home and you could really have something.

Nice job on your first try!

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I like the homes as well. But what I think would improve it is if you made the red and power blue the team's two colors--eliminating the darker blue. I think the two colors are nice together. I would then make a grey road jersey. Though I admit it is just based on my own personal preferences.

I like the idea of placing the "P" on the road jersey, but I would put it on the left chest, with the number on the right.

Good idea overall, though.

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