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The first time I saw that Jersey, I wanted to know who thought orange and gray would look good? To me, that is an ugly jersey. Phoenix has white-with-purple sides home. Good, they should have that. I can even tolerate the purple-with-gray side away. But any Phoenix alt should have been orange with purple, not gray, case closed.

By the way, that eBay one has the colors backwards... so it's like a replica alt alt... this is their alternate....


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Boy, that Yourname guy gets around a lot. He plays for like every team in every sport. Do you pronounce it YOR-NAM-EH? What's his first name anyway? Or is it a bunch of brothers? They all use "00" as their number, though.

I'm thinking about asking for an authentic Yourname Thrashers Away jersey for my birthday.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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