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Is this really a sport


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very nice. I like hte friends on ice, I find it hard sometimes playing around with silouettes, you run out of things to do with them without much detail. Your figure captures a skateing-puckhandling motion very well

and yes, Ringette is a sport,(they better be, otherwise I don't know which team it is that wears teh provincial uniforms I wash :blink: )

predominantly female participation, but some mixed and mens leagues do exist

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I was aproached to do some logos for two womans/ girls Ringette Tournaments. :rolleyes:

they loved them...what do you think?


Dude...u do know you spelt Alberta wrong in your name, right?


Because Korbyn Is Colour Blind, My Signature Is Now Idiot Proof - Thanks Again Braden!!

Go Leafs Go!

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