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Here is a new logo I've been tweaking. It's a real women's college located in Raleigh, NC. Their colors are red and white, and their original logo is just a block "M'" like Michigan. I thought they needed not just an update, but a totally new logo, and would like any comments about it. At first I was trying for a female angel, but couldn't get it quite right, and it kind of turned out loking like a guy with long hair....so it's probably best just to call this "thing" asexual. I dunno...

Anyways, here:


Thanks for looking.

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Yeah, I'm terrible at wordmarks, I can never get them to flow very well with the logo itself. The thing around the neck is not an actual object, it's just where the rest of her/his chest starts and goes down. I culd have connected it better underneath the wing I guess. Thanks for the comments though.

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Haha thought there was an inside joke I was missing...

Well at first I was being a smartass because you said it looks like a girl instead of a guy, and it's a women's college, so i thought you missed that -- but then i re-read the whole post and saw the creator wasn't sure what to call it, backfired on me! :)


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That's a pretty evil looking angel you have there. I do like it though! :D


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