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Hockey style baseball jerseys


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I was watching the Atlanta-Seattle baseball game on Sunday, and I notice a guy wearing a white Seattle Mariners hockey style jersey. It had an alternate logo in front and the primary logo on the shoulder.

I wonder how long ago they sold these jersey and if other teams had similar designs.

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I saw them being sold at the SkyDome at the beginning of last season.  I assume there is one for most of the teams as I have seen Toronto, Atlanta, and Cleveland ones.
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I have seen ones for Atlanta and the NY Yankees.  Both used team usa templates, different colors, obviously.  The Atlanta one had the A on the chest, don't remember the shoulder logo.  The yankees one was a blue body, gray arms, interlocking NY on chest and the primary on the sleeves.  I saw them both at Galyans, a sporting goods store.
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All teams have same template.


Blue body, red sleeves

1997-02 Logo on chest

T-Bird on shoulders


shoulder logo is the tomahawk


Blue with red sleeves

Primary logo on chest

"I" logo on shoulders

Red Sox:

Blue with red sleeves

'B' logo on chest

Primary logo on shoulders

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