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Texas Rangers Concept


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I like the idea, but some things need to be tightened up on this puppy:

1. Your logos on the sleeves need to be rotated. 90 degrees should do it. Also make sure they're the same size, the one on the road is definitely smaller than the one on the home.

2. The numbers are too big on the home and the home alt. Use the size and positioning for the road for the other two.

3. The logos on the alternates are too big as well. As a rule of thumb, your logo shouldn't be any wider than the space between the placket (the part where the buttons are) to the outer edge. Ideally, it should be smaller than that width in order to provide some white space (or colored space), and to ensure that the logo doesn't start wrapping around the front toward the back, which the Texas flag logo appears to do here.

A little tweaking could go a long way here. Give it a try! ^_^


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I like them all (with a little tweaking as Ryan mentioned) except for the home alternate jersey.

The reasons:

1. The logo needs to go on the other side, the side of the player's heart.

2. I prefer the Texas flag to the T inside the ball. And it can be outlined in silver, gold or some other color to break up the red and red.

3. If you're going to have a number on one side of one alternate jersey, you should have it on both. Either have a number or no number to show some consistency.

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The sleeve logos need to be angled. I also agree the the main logo needs to be on the right side of the jersey, and a little bit smaller.


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