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How 'bout them Canadians?


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The Canadian women's hockey team wrapped up the round robin portion of the World Women's Hockey Championships in Sweden today with a 10-0 drubbing of the host team. In their three games vs. Kazakhstan, Russia and Sweden, they outscored their opposition 35-0, and only conceded 23 shots on goal. They will take on Finland Friday in the semi-finals, who they beat 9-2 in an exhibition game. A tournament win for Canada would equal an IIHF record of nine consecutive titles set by the Soviet Union men's squad.

Looks like we're headed for yet another Canada-U.S. final game. And if that happens, you know who I'm cheering for. :flagcanada:

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As I pointed out on a different thread this is mostly due to women's hockey developing sooner in Canada and the US. Men's hockey was the same way once upon a time...

In some ways this is great because our women kick serious butt-on the other hand it will be nice when more coutnries are competetive.

But for now I'll wait for the US vs Canada and of course :flagcanada:

Go Canada!

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Ya know, this women's tourney is a joke. No disrespect to the other nations (I know they're trying), but what's the point of them even playing the Canadians and Americans? Why doesn't the IIHF just set up a best-of-5 (or 7) series between Canada and the US, and let those other countries practice against one another. Kazakhstan, Sweden, Chine, et al. are never gonna get better when they get their asses kicked by the two powerful nations (and get 2 shots on goal). I mean, is there even a point to making Canada and the US play everyone else?

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The IIHF is aware of the huge divide between the North American and European counterparts and is trying to get the European side to step up things there is talk that there will be some Europe only tournaments to help the European clubs to develope more talent and such...

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There's a good article on Sportsnet's website about this problem here. It's doesn;t offer much in the way of solutions to the problem, mind you, but still a good read.

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I don't think hockey is internationally popular enough for other countries to care about the women's side. Look at soccer/football, the most popular sport in the world, how many upper level international teams are there.

Plus, just the expense precludes other countries from developing lower to leagues to get a talent pool to be competitive. You also need to take into account that only in the last 15-20 years have women sports gotten any attention anywhere in the world. Even with Title IX in the US, women sports still lag far behind men's.

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