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So over at ps2.ign.com they simulated the baseball season with the three MLB games for sale, MVP 2005, MLB 2K5 and MLB 2006. In each of the simulations, the team for whom the cover player plays won the World Series, Manny and the Sox, Jeter and the Yanks and Guererro and the LAA's, respectively.

Think it's coincidence or a sly little programming trick?

Either or, this post and thread will be a grand waste of space.

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depends on the programming, i would assume all three have different equations in dealing with ratings to performance ratio. course it may just be random, with a general rule of the higher the ratings the better the performance. i know with the nhl series, take nhl 2001 on psx, i would stack up the thrashers with the top 20 2 g 6 D and 12F with the best players according to overall ratings, and while they did well but only had a 50% cup winning ratio when i did the sims. what i think they do is set the equations to where if you have a stacked team you will do well in the regular season but set the equations in the post season to where anyone has a chance of winning and the stacked team isn't guarenteed a cup victory. does it apply here, im not sure. chances are they simmed the thing and who ever won, gets to be on the cover. or they tweaked it to make sure the team that won was the one that is on the cover.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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