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G. Tech Football concept


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One dying trend in football, is the old school stripes on the sleeve. They are being replaced with piping and crazy shoulder and side panel designs. So, I decided to take a page from the Bears, Steelers, Browns, Lions, and Ohio State (and others i think) uniforms. So here you go, my Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football concept.

EDIT* Version 2.0



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I like it. The comment earlier about too many stripes, IMO, is not the number of stripes, I noticed the stripes on the gold uni are wider than on the white uni. Looks to me as a Chicago Bears style of stripes - I'm loving it. Great work puckcool! :notworthy:

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Very much diggin' the helmet. Probably the first step to improving this would be to make the pant striping consistent. It's a bit akward now. As for the sleeve striping, again, I'd make it consistent between the two unis.

Other than those two minor gripes, I applaud you.


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