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Québec Aces / As de Québec


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Stepping in front of the firing squad again. This is for the True North Football Federation. I decided to revive the Québec Aces, who were the Flyers' affilate in the American Hockey League when they came into the NHL in 1967.

I wanted to get away from making another Nordiques like crossover (as much as I love and miss the Nordiques and those kickass bleu-et-blanc looks with the fleur-de-lis all over them), and used the Aces old colors -- black, green, and red. I used the spade predominately because the Ace of Spades is, for some reason, the most predominate (odd, isn't it?)


C&C welcome, as always.


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I think the homes would look better in red or green with black as more of a trim colour--or if they stayed black--if there was mor black on the sleeve...

Maybe a different colour helmet shell with a black spade as well...

But I really like the road unis!

Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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Big Brain-

Great job. I'm probably one of the few people on this board who actually saw the real As de Quebec play. I saw them many times against the Amerks. Quick trivia- Quebec was supposed to play at Rochester on Nov. 22, 1963. It was cancelled because of the death of President Kennedy. I had tickets for that game.

On to your concept- I like the way you put the queen with the ace on the sleeves- "Q-A"- ingenious.

You need more stripe color on the pants. The Aces wore red pants when I saw them, and either green or white sweaters. The green shirts had red numbers trimmed in white. The white shirts had a three-color UCLA shoulder insert of green, red and black. The white socks had green on the knees.

Try a green jersey with red pants.

When the As hooked up with the Flyers in '67 they got a new logo, the winged-Q with the four symbols in the circular part (it's on logo server, I believe). Pretty bad. Almost as bad as the Amerks circular Vancouver crest of '70-'71 and '71-'72.

I like your ideas. Tweak 'em a bit and you've got a winner. But I still like "Aces" as a hockey name.

GO LEAFS GO! :flagcanada:

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I like the name choice, and the fleur-de-lis.

Even though I support Quebec teams, I honestly think the colours are too busy. I don't think green would fit anywhere with the colour scheme, but the red and black are OK.

I tell you it would be great if TNFF had 2 teams in Quebec province. I can sure use a natural rival.

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