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Naples Stompers


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Me and some buddies decided wed make a beer league team to compete in the local county slowpitch softball league, mostly comprised of local business teams. (theres no baseball or fastpitch softball leagues around here)

I know this may never come to actually be real, but i thought it would be fun to do anyway.

Special thanks goes to Uniwatch for pointing me over here. :) And Tampa Bay for the home jersey concept.

Here we have it: The Naples Stompers.

(sorry bout the pic hosting, my ftp is all fubar'd...not sure why)


Story behind it:

Naples, NY is a huge wine producing area in NY. Thats where 90% of us are from. We hold one of the best wineries in the nation, Widmer Wine Cellars. if any of you are connesuiers, you'll recognize the name. Anyway, I decided to base the whole team concept on Grapes/Wine Making, hence the name "Stompers" as in grape stompers. And the purple plays off the grapes themselves.

I think its pretty neat. Seen better, but for my first time out, ill take it.

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Well, for what it is.......that being a softball league concept.......I like it alot.

If you wanted to goose it a little toward the kick a$$, I'd suggest a color shift more toward the Cavaliers "wine" burgundy tone. Purple is too obvious (and ugly).

THen, I'd do like yankee suggested and appropriate the tarheels secondary logo and color mod it to a wine-heel for the sleeves/caps.

Gotta make them pass the tough guy test if you want to ever wear them amongst numerous close-mineded manly men.

Welcome aboard though and thanks for sharing!

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My original idea had the hat logo the same basic design as the Avalanche foot. However, I watned something more original, i guess you could say.

Now, I wanted to really go for a burgundy, I love the color of the cavs. However, now i know not many know this, since im probably the onyl guy in Naples with the internet (we're kinda out in the boonies lol), the town is littered with anything purple. Our welcome sign is a big purple grape (sad lol), the bannerso n the light poles are purple, so I figured i was gonna just go with that. I do understand the "Manly Men" factor lol. I did consider a deeper purple, one more akin to the Rockies purple, maybe a tad darker. But this color really just kinda fit the town a little more.

And since Im not exactly a graphics connesieur, im just an amateur, I wasnt really able to do the kinda logo I wanted, hence you get the grapes and the basic text. :(

But thanks for te comments guys :)

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