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Anyone going to a sporting event soon?


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I went to my first game this year on June 1st. Oakland at Kansas City. Zito got a no-decision. I'm going to my second and final game of the season on August 7th. Atlanta at Milwaukee. It will be my first time at Miller Park. It sucks living in Iowa though, it's at least 5 hours to any MLB game. I've only been to 13 games in my life (ATL/MIL will be my 14th)

Actually, here are the games that I've been to:

What's so bad about Iowa? But I will say it's a pain to travel anywhere to see a pro game. But there are few places to go, the midwest is like a black hole to talent.

Running down the nearest places to watch a game from Iowa:

Minnesota has the Vikings, Twins, Wild, and Timberwolves. Not the greatest place to go, but definately not the last.

Wisconsin has the Packers, Brewers, and Bucks. Packers are good, but the farthest away, Brewers are cellar dwellers, and I wouldn't go out of my way to see a Bucks game.

Illinois had the Bulls when they were good, now they're rebuilding, the Cubs are Iowa favorites, the Sox are so-so, the Blackhawks don't even show up in Iowa, the Bears are well liked too, probably one of the top two places for Iowans to go.

Missouri has the Rams, Cards, and Blues, this is probably the favorite spot for Iowans to go to watch a game. They also have the Chiefs (my favorite) and the Royals. The only game I major league game I've ever seen was the Royals V.S. the Twins @ Kauffman.

Nebraska has absolutely nothing, Kansas nothing (unless you count Kansas City, but I put them in Missouri), and South Dakota nothing.

I can say however, that if you want some decent minor league sites, Iowa has baseball and hockey teams to watch throughout the state.

But if you live anywhere near the middle of Iowa, the travels are long and excruciating to see pro ball.

As far as minor league baseball teams go, I think that Iowa has 5 affiliated teams (Quad City, Iowa, Cedar Rapids, Clinton, and Burlington) We also have 2 independent minor league teams (Sioux City and Waterloo) So far, I've only been to the Iowa Cubs and the Quad City River Bandits (John O'Donnell Stadium, built in the 1930's is beautiful) but I hope to see them all soon...

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I'm one of those nitwits who's been to every major league ballpark including Cincinnati this year (plus the previous ones in Texas, SF, Cincinnati, Colorado, Baltimore, Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland, and a couple others I can't recall off the top of my head).  Not all in one year though!
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In England there are quite o few people who have been to every league football ground (all 92 of them!) Fair enough thats not as much travelling as having been to watch games in Florida and Seattle but it is still pretty nerdy!
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I've got the work season tickets that we usually give to "clients" for the next Bomber game vs Montreal....Gold Club Lounge seats, baby! Woo!

And BP, you think Iowa is bad?  Live in Winnipeg.  We have the Bombers, yes, but the next closest city to see anything is Minny/St Paul.  500 miles.  And I'll be damned if I'm going to the center of the universe (sorry, Chris) to see a Leafs/Jays/Raps game.  Although getting a decent seat to the Argos oughtta be easy...

Better off driving the 800 miles to Chicago, methinks, than anything else.  Wrigley, baby, Wrigley!

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The HeftyDome... er, Metrodome, does in fact suck as much as you've heard. It's awful.

Amen, its far worse than the old county stadium in Milwaukee.

Miller Park is great, i tailgated for hours before, lots of good memories, unfortunately the roof was closed so it was another 'domed' experience

Back to the Homerdome, it really makes the game much more dull when your locked inside, the outdoor stadiums are a must for baseball. Unfortunately my twinks wont be getting an alternative anytime soon.

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i just got around to reading this board so im gunna respond.

this week (or next week) i am gunna go to Fenway to see a Sox game because i will be goin to Salem NH for a hockey showcase for a week. i sadly didnt go to any hockey games last season but here my rundown of the games i remember goin to in my life

Islanders: 9

Devils: 3 (sadly i havent gone to many but those 3 were playoff games, so i guess it evens out??)

St. Johns - 3

Mets - 7

i really dont go to many games because of hockey but i do when i can

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