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New Nationals W Idea


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Toying with ways of improving the W on the Nationals caps, I've returned to the idea of using the script W from the opening sentence of the Constitution. It's such an iconic character that clip art often uses just the first few letters of that first line, "We the People ..." to signify the Constitution. Plus, since it's made up basically of straight verticals and 45-degree slashes, it would go with the block jersey script a bit better than the current pretzel. Then it dawned on me to add a gold drop shadow to reflect the bevelling on the jersey fronts, and suddenly I actually kind of like how this one looks. I also gave the caps gold buttons; I'm just a fan of different-color cap buttons.

I tried this also with contrasting outlines around the letter and drop shadow. It was fine, and might have matched the jersey fronts a tiny bit better, but I was basically indifferent to it and so I've kept the simpler original idea of white with gold drop shadow on these.

Basic idea on red:


And on blue:


The ensemble at home:


And on the road:



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I don't know...on the red background I instantly thought of the USSR "Hammer & Sickle" logo. I like the idea behind it, but the imagery might be a little too vague to pick up right away.

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if there's such a problem with the cursive w (which i like), why nit change to the other look the senators sported, with was a thin red block w sans serif? personally, i would have abandoned senators and nationals and gone with a fresh name like the hilltoppers (get it? capital hill?). new colors (white, tarnished copper/light aqua, deep blue, maybe a little dark red/wine), and opt for the interlocking dc on the primary hats, with a w alternate. we dont need any more reminders of w in dc anyways

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