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Eating Contest Logo


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Hi. Hope this belongs in this forum, if not just kill it.

Anyway, this was for an eating contest we had at work last year. I was asked to make a logo for it, and being that I don't work in the graphic design field, had only paint and MS Office (shapes, word-art) to work with. Here's what I came up with.

I tried to make it look close to the Super Bowl logo without totally ripping it off. I know that the script "Burger Bowl" doesn't flow with the banner correctly, but I couldn't do much better with word-art and a couple of hours to work with. I like how the olive / toothpick turned out.

Feel free to let me know what you think. Or not. I won't be offended.




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Definitely has a SuperBowl vibe to it. Aside from that, it's pretty self-explanatory and your simplified imagery works with it.

Is it possible to add some tiny white sesame seeds to the top bun? That might even get the "hamburger" image to be more recognizable.

And continue the white outline around the bun?there's no white on the edges that border "2004".

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Thanks everyone.

I thought about the sesame seeds, but they just looked like white spots when I did it. I figured this isn't supposed to be too realistic, just solid colors and some shapes, so the seeds didn't really add much for me. Just my opinion.

As for the white outline around the 2004, I went back and forth a lot with that one. My rational for not having the outline was that since I'm trying to stress that these are huge burgers, I wanted the "meat" to dominate. I thought that the white outline around it made the top and bottom of the bun look equally as important, but I wanted to make the meat be the dominating shape in the thing. I guess it could go either way.

I would like to have had the time to do some shading on the bun, to attempt to add some 3d perspective to it, but only having Office and Paint to work with, I wouldn't have been able to get it done in time.

Thanks for the comments. I may not be a pro designer but I do a lot of stuff like this and deffinately appreciate anything that helps me get better.

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What did you think about the Super Bowl logo? The goal of this was to emulate (not replicate) this year's logo.

Maybe the problem is that when I converted it from bmp to jpg, the color (more of a powder blue) really brightened up.

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